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Jessica Ridgeway's KC-area family reacts to news of death

Saturday, October 13, 2012 2:17 am GMT

The Kansas City-area relatives of a 10-year-old Colorado girl who police believe was abducted near her home and killed said they're looking for justice.
Police said Friday that a body found in an open park near Jessica Ridgeway's home two days ago.
Ridgeway's father Jeremiah Bryant and members of her extended family live in Independence Mo. Her father's relatives said the news Friday left the family heartbroken.
"It was a shock" said Kathy Moss Bryant's aunt. "We were hopeful that the body wasn't her. Our hearts go out to Jeremiah and Sarah."
She said she still can't believe she'll never get the chance to meet her nephew's daughter.
"You hear it on the news and you'd never think that it'd happen to your family and it does" she said. "It's a terrible feeling."
She said she couldn't imagine how anyone could do this to a child.

"You can't even let your kids out without someone possibly taking (them)" she said.
Moss said there's only one thing she wants to see happen in the case.
"I wish whoever did this could feel every single pain that he (did) to her and it could be done to them" she said. "I hope they hurry up and catch them and justice be done immediately."
Police have repeatedly said they don't suspect Jessica's parents had anything to do with the killing.

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