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Missing girl's family heads to Colorado, spreads word

Wednesday, October 10, 2012 1:48 am GMT

The local relatives of a missing Colorado girl issued a plea for her safe return.
Jessica Ridgeway 10 vanished from her neighborhood outside Denver on Friday. A prayer vigil for her is planned for 6 p.m. Wednesday at McCoy Park in Independence.
Ridgeway's great-grandmother Donna Moss is on her way to be with other family members. She has been hanging missing person posters at every rest stop along the 620-mile trip.
"We're going to stop frequently and put out posters" Moss said. "I think my blood pressure is 100 zillion. I don't doubt it."
She said she's putting up the posters in hopes that someone will see and recognize her great-granddaughter's freckled face.
"Just to make more people aware of this" she said. "This is what she looks like and if they see her to please contact anyone the police department."
Police are also making Jessica Ridgeway's voice known too. They've posted new videos of the missing girl.

While Moss is just starting her journey she said she already knows how she wants it to end.
"The best thing that could happen is we get there and find out they already found her and that she was well and happy" she said.
Ridgeway has blond hair and blue eyes. Police said she has a gap between her two front upper teeth and a sore on the bridge of her nose where her glasses rest.
A Denver television station reported that police are looking into a tip that a suspicious van was spotted in Ridgeway's neighborhood the morning she went missing. A day earlier two girls in a nearby town said they had been followed by a van as they walked home from school.

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